Kaleidoscope Island

The snow-covered islands of the Kaleidoscope will envelop you with home comfort and notes of magic … Who lives in these places?
A spacious skating rink, a cozy house with games and food, a helicopter to ride, cozy armchairs around the fire and good music are waiting for you here.

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Hot Wax Music

This is a place where you can listen to good music, dance, play games or take a few erotic shots. Pleasant atmosphere of a residential quarter in a slightly gloomy town.
Large selection of places with different arsenal for an intimate pastime. From the notes of romance and tenderness to accessories and BDSM cells are waiting for you here.

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Mesmeric Cove

This city is capable of falling in love at first sight!
Cozy cottages, quiet streets, stunning views and soothing tranquility, which only breaks only the sound of the wind. A ballet school, a library, a grocery store, a funicular, a sauna, a train, rental housing, many cozy houses and stunning views await you here.

Available rental housing. And also, role-play.
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Snow Falls

This year, the authors of winter locations do not cease to amaze with their imagination and taste, creating amazing winter locations!
This island is one of the most beautiful places. Musical accompaniment in the stream, sounds in the pleasant tones of classical instruments and pleasant singing. This adds a special charm to the cozy snow-covered town.

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